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About Wasilla Homeless-Committee

 Wasilla Homeless-Committee is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to ending homelessness in the Mat-Su Valley of south central Alaska.  Though we've only been in existence for less than a year, we have made significant strides in assisting the homeless in this area.
  In December of 2015, a Facebook reader told of her encounter with a homeless man searching through the trash dumpsters at a local grocery chain.  He told her he was searching for Christmas gifts for his children who lived with him in a tent.  Outraged that there were no emergency shelters in the valley for them to go to, her post generated over 50 volunteers wanting to help with the program.
  Since incorporating in January, 2015, we have been able to help over 40 families with finding a place to live, clothing, furniture, and household items.  Recently we've been able to do small grants to our clients, but due to a shortage of funds, have had to put caps on our assistance at $150.00 per family.
  We are a 100% volunteer force working from our homes. We donate our time, and our automobiles, and our hearts to helping the homeless. The community has been generous with donations of material goods to assist the homeless, but monetary gifts are greatly needed.
 We ask you to please look in your hearts and find a way to donate to our cause this Holiday Season. A gift of $150.00 will help with rent or utility help for a family in need. $100.00 will buy them 2 tanks of gasoline to get to work. $50.00 will help pay for prescriptions, school supplies, or household necessities.


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